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Unsure which tick or flea control is best for your cat? 

Ask your vet about the different options available - and take our quiz below to see which option your cat would choose!

Why is it so important to protect against ticks and fleas?

These tiny parasites hide in pet’s fur and feed on their blood. They make pets itch and can cause nasty diseases. Regular tick and flea protection is important to keep pets healthy.

Did you know that:

- ticks insert their mouthparts into a pet's skin & 'glue' them in? So never try pull a tick out in case it leaves the mouthparts behind, use a tick remover tool if possible.

- fleas act fast! Females can lay eggs on pets 24-36 hours after a blood meal and can lay up to 2000 eggs in their lifetime. This means it's important to kill fleas before they start laying eggs.

Tick and flea infestations can occur on cats all year round, and the best way you can prevent these is with regular treatment.

What would your cat choose for tick or flea control? 

Take our short quiz below to see if you and your cat would benefit from simple, stress-free options.

Treating ticks and fleas on cats

Does your cat run and hide when it is tick and flea treatment time? 

This doesn't have to be stressful or disruptive for you or your cat!

Make treatment hassle and stress-free by asking for newer options that many vets are recommending.
Ticks and fleas can be treated using tablets, collars or spot-ons. 

Download our helpful guide for hints and tips to ask your vet at your next visit: 

Discuss with your vet your cat’s personality as well as your preferred way of treating, which will help determine the option that would work best for you and your cat.

Watch this video to find out more on stress-free options for ticks or fleas

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