About My Pet and I

At My Pet and I we care about pets. Our mission is to provide pet owners with information and guidance to make and keep their pets happy and healthy.

My Pet and I is a one-stop online resource for new or experienced dog and cat owners who are seeking trustworthy, accurate health and wellness guidance for their pets. We’ve got all the information you need, from reliable information to amusing anecdotes and inspirational videos, all delivered in a clear and entertaining style.

So what makes My Pet and I different?

My Pet and I is the only online pet owner resource from a leading life science brand that’s devoted to happy, healthy pets. We want to be the partner you trust with all the questions, big and small, about your cat or dog.

Bayer Animal Health has developed My Pet and I with a team of veterinarians, animal scientists, pet owners and journalists, combining a love of pets and reliable information to deliver health and wellness guidance that both entertains and informs. With our long heritage in animal health, we at Bayer know what makes our pets happy, and we know what keeps them healthy.

My Pet and I – for happy and healthy pets.