Flea treatment for cats and dogs, rabbits and ferrets

Help protect your pet and your home from fleas with Advantage®II

Untreated pets are at risk of flea infestations. Fleas make your pet dog, cat, rabbit and ferret miserable and can lead to more serious health issues like dermatitis and anemia. Fleas can also transmit diseases. If your pet swallows an infected flea while grooming it could result in a tapeworm infection in your pet - which could then be communicable to humans.

Adult fleas are only the tip of the iceberg

For every adult flea you can see there are many more eggs, larvae and pupae hidden away in your home, waiting to develop, and spread. In fact, around 95% of any flea population lurks in immature stages throughout your home – hidden in your carpets, bedding and upholstery.

To help protect your pets and your home against fleas, use a regular flea treatment on your pet throughout the year. Advantage® II for cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits is a topical treatment that kills fleas through contact. Even better, fleas don’t have to bite your pet in order to be killed. Advantage® II gets to work quickly and continues to kill fleas for up to four weeks for cats and dogs and ferrets, and up to 8 days for rabbits. It also kills flea larvae and flea eggs in your home.

Why Advantage®II?

  • Up to 28 days of protection

    Up to 28 days of protection

  • Kills fleas through contact

    Kills fleas through contact

  • Advantage works on cats and dog’s icon

    Suitable for use in dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets

Advantage® for cats and dogs


Advantage®II Flea Protection for Extra Large Dogs - 4 pack

Advantage®II Flea Protection for Extra Large Dogs - 4 pack

Weighing over 25 kg (>55 lbs.)