Advantage™ fast-acting flea treatment for cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets

Advantage™ for cats and dogs is a highly effective and easy to apply spot-on treatment that kills fleas on contact. It lasts for an entire month & can be used year-round. Advantage™ is safe to use on pregnant and lactating animals. 

Advantage™ can also be used on rabbits and ferrets. 

Why choose Advantage™ for your pet? 

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    Kills fleas and flea larvae

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    Prevents flea re-infestation by breaking the flea life cycle 

  • Suitable for use in cats and dogs 

Advantage™ for cats & dogs

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Prevents and treats:

Fleas and flea larvae in dogs and cats

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Works for:

All dogs and cats from birth, or weaning as required

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Ready to protect your pet from fleas?


Advantage for cats up to 4 kg packshot

Advantage™ for Cats

Advantage™ is a registered trademark of Elanco.