Credelio™ PLUS Smallest chew in a tasty treat

Credelio™ PLUS combines the smallest chew with taste, so dosing your dog will be a walk in the park – even for the fussy dogs! Protects against fleas, ticks, mites, worms, and heartworm disease, all in one small monthly dose that’s so easy to give.

Why choose Credelio™ PLUS for your dog? 

  • Rapid tick and flea death

    Keeps your dog protected from ticks, fleas, demodex mites PLUS heartworm and intestinal worms. 

  • Proven safe for dogs 8 weeks of age or older

    Safe to use in dogs from 1.4kg and 8 weeks of age

  • Dog happily taking the Credelio Plus chewable tablet

    Smallest chew in a tasty treat

Why Credelio™ PLUS?

Crosshairs icon showing Credelio Plus for dogs is aimed at parasitology
Protects against:

Ticks, fleas and demodex mites, PLUS heartworm disease and worms

Credelio Plus treats dogs and puppies
Pet type:

Safe for dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age and 1.4 kg

Easy and convenient chewable tablet
Application type:

Chewable Tablet 

Monthly dosing


How to Administer Credelio™ PLUS

  • Easy and convenient chewable tablet

    Credelio™ PLUS should be given to your dog during or after their meal, for fussy eaters, it can be mixed with food. 

  • A chewable tablet that’s easy to give to your dog

    So small & tasty; Credelio™ PLUS offers powerful protection in the smallest chew  

  • Trusted monthly protection

    Repeat monthly protection against ticks, fleas, demodex mites, intestinal worms and heartworm disease.

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Credelio Plus 5.5kg - 11kg

Credelio™ Plus for Dogs

Read product leaflet for full instructions.

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