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Milbemax™ worming tablets for dogs

There are many different worms that can infect your dog & endanger their health. Treating intestinal worms is the best way to protect your dog from these nasty parasites. Regular deworming with Milbemax™ is important to ensure they are protected against all four major gut worms, including tapeworm. 

Why choose Milbemax™ for your dog? 

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    Protection against all 4 major gut worms 

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    Small easy to give tablets 

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    Suitable for adult dogs and puppies 

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    Fast and effective 

How to administer Milbemax™ for dogs

Learn how to administer Milbemax™ worming tablets for dogs the right way, to make sure you are getting the most out of your product to protect your dog and your family from intestinal worms.

Start protecting your pooch with Milbemax™ today 

  • Read product leaflet for full instructions 
  • In hydatid tapeworm areas, dogs should be dosed monthly or on vet advice 

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