How to treat and prevent fleas in puppies.

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Fleas can affect your dog at any age – even your puppy can be at risk. Using a flea treatment for puppies is an important way to protect your dog, and your household, from fleas. Find out when it’s safe to start treatment.

Flea bites quickly cause discomfort, prompting your puppy to scratch. That scratching can lead to skin irritation, which can potentially lead to infection.

Additionally, if many fleas are present, very young puppies can become anaemic due to blood lost to fleas, and that can, in extreme cases, prove fatal.

Administering a flea treatment is a great way to deal with fleas if they have already taken hold. Keep in mind, however, that using some flea treatments on too young a puppy can be harmful. Learn how to use these treatments properly to effectively protect your puppy against fleas.

Very young puppies still with mum

Whilst puppies are still with their mothers, treat the mother with Advantage. Because of the close contact and suckling between mother and pup, the puppies are also protected from fleas. Once the puppy is weaned, and taken away from mum, start monthly treatment with Advantage™. Advantage can safely be used to treat weaned puppies of any age.

Treating older puppies

Once your puppy is weaned, and is over 7 weeks of age, you can choose between several treatments to protect your puppy from fleas. AdvantageAdvocateAdvantix and Seresto™ are all options, depending on which other parasites you need to control at the same time.

Advantage is a spot-on flea preventive applied directly to your pup’s skin. It provides comprehensive flea protection by killing adult fleas on your pup and flea larvae in their surroundings. The active ingredient can kill fleas through contact, which means fleas don’t have to bite your pet for the treatment to work. Advantage kills fleas already on your pet within 12 hours of application, and can then kill reinfesting fleas within just 1 hour.

Advocate, Advantix and the Seresto collar have the same super flea killing ingredient as Advantage, but they also do more. Advocate treats for fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms, Advantix for fleas, ticks and biting insects and Seresto for fleas and ticks. Have a look at the product information for these treatments, or call our Customer Care line – 1800 678 368 to help decide which is best for your puppy to combat the parasites where you live.

By understanding and using appropriate flea prevention from the start, you’re setting up your pup for a lifetime of freedom from flea infestations when administered as recommended.

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