BomaZeal™ Mobilize™: The natural choice for joint health for dogs

Proudly made in New Zealand, BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ for dogs is a nutritional daily joint supplement (nutraceutical) made with natural ingredients.

Mobilize™ may help with mild osteoarthritis (OA) signs and is used as a pre-emptive aid that may postpone the age of arthritic onset, particularly for breeds or individuals predisposed to OA or for dogs with active lifestyles.

Mobilize™ is a tasty tablet for dogs and is the only nutraceutical with an ACVM approved label claim to aid in the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, arthritis, and osteoarthritis in dogs.

The major ingredient in Mobilize™ is NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract, which is thought to slow the degenerative process and have an anti-inflammatory action.

Give your dog a new lease on life with BomaZeal™ Mobilize™.

Why choose BomaZeal™ for your dog?

  • Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME)

    The major ingredient in BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ is NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME).

    It is thought to slow the degenerative process and has an anti-inflammatory action.

    NZ Green Lipped Mussel extract is unique, as it is only produced in New Zealand from clean, unpolluted coastal waters.

    The BomaZeal™ range utilizes a potent form in a freeze-dried liquid extract, ensuring consistency of this quality product year-round. 

    See pack for full details.

  • BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ for dogs is available in a tablet which is designed to make dosing easy.

  • BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ for dogs is a tasty over the counter supplement for dogs of all ages, available without a prescription.

    Available at local veterinary clinics, pet retailers or authorised online retailers.

BomaZeal™ FAQs for dog owners

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