Droncit™ tablets for the control of tapeworms (including Hydatid & Taenia ovis tapeworms) in dogs and cats

Droncit™ is indicated for the treatment of tapeworms (including Hydatid* and Taenia ovis tapeworms) in dogs and cats. Each tablet contains 50 mg Praziquantel.

Droncit™ should be given as a single dose by mouth and may be administered immediately before or with a meal.

DOGS and CATS: Treat general infection regularly, particularly whenever tapeworm segments are seen. Dogs and cats infested with fleas can rapidly become reinfested with Dipylidium caninum (common flea tapeworm) in the absence of flea control. Dogs and cats that hunt small prey may also be more susceptible to tapeworm infestation. For routine worming a broad-spectrum product should be used such as Drontal™ or Milbemax™. Consult the product leaflet or seek veterinary advice for establishing an appropriate deworming schedule for the individual animal.

SHEEP MEASLES IN DOGS: Dogs should be treated for Taenia ovis (sheep measles) at monthly intervals.
For general dog health, every third month the Droncit™ can be replaced with Drontal™ Allwormer for Dogs or Milbemax™. This will not compromise control of sheep measles as Drontal™ Allwormer for Dogs and Milbemax™ is also effective against the sheep measles tapeworm.

*Hydatid tapeworm has been eradicated in NZ (since 2002).

Why choose Droncit™?

  • For the control of tapeworms

  • Easy-to-give oral treatment

  • Suitable for both dogs and cats

Droncit™ frequently asked questions

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