Be a Zero Hero!

As part of our campaign to ACT Against Lungworm, we want to ensure no dog dies of this preventable disease. We're asking dog owners, vets and pet businesses across the UK to pledge support and become a Zero Hero - let's Aim for Zero dog deaths from lungworm.

Helping to protect dogs from this potentially deadly parasite can be as simple as bringing water bowls in overnight or talking to your vet about monthly preventative treatment.

What will YOU do to help keep our four-legged friends protected against lungworm? 

Lungworm might be closer than you think

Lungworm is now endemic throughout much of the UK. It’s important to keep checking the risk of lungworm in your area or places you may be travelling to. See the number of reported cases through our interactive map.

Will you see lungworm coming?

Test your knowledge with our quiz and see if you can spot the risk factors to look out for to help protect your dog. 

If you don't get 100%, try again!

Learn more about lungworm

Find out more about lungworm, how it is spread and how you can protect your dog against it.

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