6 Reasons Why Your Cat Has a Favourite Hiding Spot

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Ever wonder why your cat chooses to sleep on your computer, head or top of the fridge? These 6 factors explain how cats choose their perfect spot.

The couch.

A windowsill.

On top of your head while you’re sleeping.

These are all prime pieces of real estate for cats.

Cats have a particular way of finding their favourite spot in the house. Chances are your cat’s favourite hiding place is sunny, safe and far away from anything too disruptive – a perfect little personal cat oasis.

Whether it’s the ideal spot for viewing and lounging around or just the right spot for sleeping through (most) of the night, you may notice that cats find particular places and stick with them for a long time.

There are a lot of factors that go into your cat finding its perfect spot:

1. It’s Seasonal

The changing seasons will usually dictate where your cat will spend its time. When it gets colder outside, cats will migrate to sunnier warmer spots like windowsills or furniture near a heat source or inconveniently on top of your laptop keyboard! When warmer weather arrives, you may notice your cat finding a breezier location to cool down.

2. It Smells Like You

Your cats favourite locale to grab a quick nap may be on your bed, amongst your shoes or – unfortunately – on your laundry. You should take this as a compliment! Cats have incredible senses of smell, so anything that has your scent may give your cat a sense of safety while sleeping.

3. It’s Marked

Cats are very territorial by nature, so chances are after they’ve found their spot in the house, they’ve marked it with their scent. If your cat has ever rubbed its cheek or flank on or around you, it’s using a gland to release pheromones “marking” you as safe or claiming you as their own. They’ll copy this process in their favourite spots too.

4. It’s High Up

Sometimes cats like to feel hidden away, so they’ll seek out spaces where they can survey their territory with little to no threats of intruders like dogs or children. Since they’re so agile, it’s easy for them to scale a few obstacles to get to the top of the fridge, plop down and peruse their kingdoms from high above.

5. Night Crawlers

Is your cat more active during the night, waking you up with a sudden burst of energy in the early hours? That’s probably its instincts kicking in, like its “big cat” relatives that hunt at night. Your cat’s favourite spot can change from place to place based on time of day, since its instincts are telling it to move around.

Even if your cat isn’t giving in to its nocturnal inclinations, it doesn’t mean that it won’t search out a space that’s dark. Cats love finding tucked-away places that are dark during the day.

6. Outside, anyone?

Even if your cat isn’t an “outdoor cat” per se, your cat may still try a nice place on a porch or screened-in window to enjoy the great outdoors in the safety of its own home.

Give your cat a spot of protection to help keep them protected from unwanted intruders – i.e. intestinal worms ­– in their favourite spots.

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